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Programme 4: CDM Project Risk & Compliance (CPRC)

The Programme consists of three modules that step the user through the high level background to the development of the sustainability agenda, emissions trading markets, the technical compliance aspects involved in delivering CDM projects and critically the considerations faced by those making investment decisions, or choices between alternative project opportunities.

Future Green Solutions utilising best practice from the financial services industry addresses the key eligibility criteria set out in the Kyoto Protocol together with other criteria that must be addressed.

A key aim is to provide knowledge to stakeholders and those that are accountable to them enabling both parties to understand the areas where assurance is required in successfully managing and delivering CDM projects.

Target Audience

The CDM Project Risk and Compliance Programme is primarily aimed at senior stakeholders in banking, investors and firms responsible for sponsoring and delivering CDM projects as well as multi-functional project teams responsible for asset development to create alignment to meet the challenges of the climate change agenda, carbon abatement and associated energy strategies.

It will also be relevant to those individuals that are already subject matter experts in their own areas; e.g. engineers; to enable them to leverage their existing knowledge to effectively apply it to projects which are developed to qualify for CDM credits which improve the project economics.

Learning Objectives

The programme is intended to provide a coherent, accessible, and well rounded view of the issues and challenges involved in delivering CDM projects. In raising visibility on the issues, those responsible for CDM projects can develop strategies and approaches to manage the specific compliance and risk issues presented. The course will deliver grounding in the drivers around CDM and influences such as ISO 14064 that need to be considered.

Programme Structure

The programme is delivered by a blended learning model underpinned by interactive e-tutorials and simulations, quick knowledge and reading references designed to optimise self learning, understanding and awareness. Each module is complimented by three workshops of 1-2 days in duration to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved followed by an appropriate online assessment and certificate of achievement on completion of the programme.

Programme Summary

Module 1: Sustainability Overview

This module delivers a grasp of how the sustainability agenda has developed, the role of key events such as the Kyoto Protocol, the mechanisms and bodies arising from them, and the part they play, are necessary in understanding the genesis of emissions trading, and where that fits in with CDM projects.

Module 2: Technical

A primary objective of CDM projects is to produce Certified Emissions Reductions (CER’s) that are a tradable asset. Certification involves compliance with project registration processes and eligibility criteria defined in the Kyoto Protocol and possible additional criteria defined by investors and host countries.

This module also provides an overview of ISO 14064, the recognised international standard for measurement, delivery, and assessment of emissions reduction projects.

Module 3: Financial

Those responsible for evaluating projects prior to initiation and those responsible for the ongoing evaluation and governance of projects during their lifecycle need to understand certain of the core principles for the financial evaluation of projects. Including typical project management measurement techniques and reporting intended to provide assurance that projects are on target in terms of timelines, resource usage, and financially.

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