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In the future carbon abatement programmes will play a critical role in the financial and operational success of most national and multinational corporations

Understanding the impact of the rapid development of the Green House Gas (GHG) agenda and supporting national and international policy from a financial perspective as well as the environmental reputation of the organisation, will become a key differentiator of future performance.

Future Green Solutions provides a series of blended-learning initiatives, giving an introduction to carbon abatement to senior management, energy managers, and procurement and project management specialists. Some programmes involve structured face to face training which is reinforced by development programmes selected from an online sustainability skills portal which offers a series of e-learning modules plus a range of additional training and development opportunities such as business simulation, workshops and workbook access.

Future Green Solutions has also developed multi-skilled programmes designed to enhance major capital investment outcomes. Improved major capital programme management can substantially reduce the company’s carbon footprint and maximise sustainable procurement techniques across the supply chain.

How we can help

Raising awareness and dealing with the complexities of the Green House Gas (GHG) agenda across the organisation and its supply chain is becoming increasingly important to companies large and small. The need to define and project a clear carbon abatement policy will require a coherent delivery strategy and associated programmes to drive organisation change.

Future Green Solutions offers engagement strategies and skills development to enable organisations to become better informed so that their people attain a level of knowledge, understanding and methodologies which can be leveraged to future proof the sustainable growth of the organisation while meeting its obligations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and specifically green house gas emissions which will be subject to increasing forms of regulation.

At an introductory level our starter programme Inspiring a Sustainability Culture (ISC) is designed to help the organisation engage the sustainability agenda articulating what this means so that “buy-in” is obtained throughout the entire workforce community and not just at leadership level. The programme aims to create the environment for the organisation as a whole to understand what changes need to be made to adopt leading environmental and sustainable initiatives.

Our Competitive Advantage Through Carbon Abatement (CATCA) programme will help organisations develop the skills of those involved in the management and implementation of the carbon abatement agenda.

However for energy intensive users such as those in power generation, the chemical industry, mining, oil and gas and the steel industry; carbon abatement as one of their strategies will be a source of significant competitive advantage.

The multi-discipline Enhancing Capital Project Outcomes (ECPO) programme from Future Green Solutions is designed to support the need of organisations to invest in maintaining and increasing the skills of those involved in the management and implementation of major capital investment programmes.

Investors in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects need to understand the areas in which they need to demand assurance that the target Certified Emission Reductions (CER) will ultimately be delivered (on time and within project budget) and project/programme managers need also to understand the areas where they must demonstrate and deliver robust assurance to investors, whether internal sponsors or third parties.


Future Green Solutions provides a series of blended-learning initiatives, giving an introduction to carbon abatement