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Programme 2: Enhancing Capital Project Outcomes (ECPO)

Capital investment programmes play a critical role in the success of organisations. Whilst these programmes deliver operational capabilities for the short and medium term they also provide the engine for long term growth. The effective implementation of such programmes is vital to an organisation’s long term success.

The multi-discipline Enhancing Capital Project Outcomes (ECPO) programme from Future Green Solutions is designed to support an organisation’s need to invest in maintaining and increasing the skills of those involved in the management and implementation of major capital investment programmes.

Target Audience

Senior leaders in major multinationals and the public sector have repeatedly expressed the need for the provision of multi disciplinary skills to affect a complete delivery of strategic infrastructure or capital projects. This programme has been designed to answer this need.

Typical participants in such a programme would include senior management (such as CFO, CPO, and supply chain management), senior engineers, plus procurement and commodity managers.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of four modules based on a blended structured learning model underpinned by interactive e-tutorials and business simulations, aided by quick knowledge and reading references designed to optimise self learning, understanding and awareness.

Each module is complemented by workshops of up to 3 days to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved. This is followed by an appropriate online assessment endorsed by a certificate of achievement upon successful completion of the programme. Illustrative examples and case studies bring out the critical success factors within each module to reinforce the programme.

Each workshop will comprise no more than 15 people from one company or from up to three individual companies at the client’s preference. The primary learning will be internet based. Responsibility for the learning will lie with the individual however classes and assessments will ensure that outputs, in terms of techniques and competences, are world leading.

Module 1: Managing diverse stakeholders and relationships

A successful Capital Investment Programme involves aligning and harnessing the capabilities of a significant number of stakeholders. These will be both internal and external to the organisation. This model explores these concepts and sets out a series of best practice principles to ensure that multiple relationships can be managed effectively.

Module 2: Skills required to implement capital programmes effectively

Implementing capital programmes requires a significant range of management and operational capabilities from a range of disciplines. On-time, on-budget and to design specification, delivery is essential to both the programme and financial return from its investment. This module develops these themes and considers the broad range of skills required to implement capital programmes effectively.

Module 3: Programme office and people management

People, capability and resource management are essential to the success of capital projects as well as the early identification of any distress in the underlying projects. Objective and structured reporting and tracking of effort and delivery are key components of successful projects. This also supports the coordination and governance required by organisations. This module explores these requirements and looks at some of the key people issues that need to be addressed when managing major capital programmes.

Module 4: Expenditure & compliance management

Capital Investment Programmes involve levels of high value, increased risk and are often complex. This module looks at how expenditure should be managed across works programmes. It also considers some of the key legal, regulatory and compliance issues that need to be managed throughout the full project life cycle.

Programme 2 Diagram