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The aim of the CHPA is to promote the wider use of combined heat and power and community heating working with its members, Government and other non-Government organisations.


"The businesses that thrive in a low carbon economy will be those that learn to adapt, exploiting the new opportunities and managing the changing risks more effectively than their competition. Organisations and the individuals working in them will need new understanding and skills, building the confidence and capacity to take forward the projects and investments and that will drive long-term value in tomorrow's carbon-constrained markets. Future Green Solutions has a vital part to play in equipping organisations for this challenge."

Graham Meeks


Challoch Logo

Challoch Energy is a specialist energy consulting business focussing on energy efficiency, combined heat and power and renewable energy. It works in both long term strategic partnerships, such as with Future Green Solutions and with governmental, industrial and commercial clients world-wide. It is headquartered in Belgium.


"Challoch Energy is delighted to be partnering with Future Green Solutions on this exciting venture. Tackling climate change is a key issue for the world economy and an increasing priority. Business and Government alike have substantial opportunities to meet this challenge. Driving change through carbon abatement programmes can and will deliver competitive advantage to those organisations that quickly and effectively embrace energy productivity, efficiency and low carbon solutions. The concept of on-line training and blended learning that we are helping Future Green develop will provide an important tool set for multinational corporations and governments."

Dr Simon Minett

Managing Director

BVBA Challoch Energy

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Unicorn is a leading provider of e-learning solutions in the UK, it also has world-class business modelling skills and has pioneered the development and use of business simulations and serious games for executive training in over 30 countries across the globe.


“Carbon abatement programmes will play a key role in changing the behaviour of multinational corporations and governments across the globe. Climate Change is arguably the most important challenge facing us all today, and education and training will make a vital contribution to meeting that challenge.

Unicorn is delighted to partner Future Green Solutions in this important and exciting learning initiative. We believe that the blended-learning and on-line training that we are developing with Future Green Solutions will help organisations to understand their current carbon position and devise carbon abatement strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time enhance value and improve competitive advantage.”

Peter Phillips


Unicorn Training Group Ltd


WADE works to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration, onsite power and decentralised renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits.


“Despite previous efforts to deliver energy efficiency, we need to do more. The global challenges of climate change, higher energy prices and energy security require a step change in energy efficiency policy and investment. Greater deployment of decentralised energy technology and strategies can help reduce CO2 emissions and delivered power costs. Training and development throughout organisations is critical if we are to meet this global challenge. We welcome Future Green Solutions innovation in providing this vital enabler."

David Sweet


World Alliance Decentralised Energy