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Our Services

With a broad range of expertise amongst its key professionals Future Green Solutions is also able to offer a range of support services to help organisations manage, develop and deliver the required competencies to make a real difference to their business.

These services include:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Mentoring for Senior Management
  • Training and Development

Future Green Solutions Recruitment Services

We provide a leading Executive Search and Selection service, based on our unique team of experienced business professionals, supported by world class evaluation and assessment capabilities. This provides access to a wide talent pool of high calibre individuals across numerous industries with extensive networks across the following areas:

  • Procurement Supply Chain
  • Major Capital Projects
  • Carbon Abatement
  • Energy Sector
  • Compliance and Assurance

Our success in providing shortlists of hand-picked candidates who have undergone screening and selection to meet your specific requirements is second-to-none. At the heart of our service is the client’s needs backed by a personal service. This is supported by our investment in web-enabled tools and assessment capabilities, thus providing our clients with a recruitment system that is personalised to meet their hiring needs.

Our professional search and selection service encompasses the following areas, depending on the client’s needs:

  • Generation of a comprehensive profile against client hiring requirements
  • Global search methodology tools
  • Initial screening of candidates
  • Interviewing selected candidates to create a shortlist using client preferred assessment criteria
  • Online assessment of shortlist candidates using leading edge ‘e’ enabled software
  • Submission of a shortlist of candidates supported by individual resume with supporting assessments (if required) and an interview summary
  • Arrangement and co-ordination of interviews and feedback between clients and candidates
  • Negotiation of offers to successful candidates, where required

In addition to our Executive Search Services we also offer:

  • Tailored advertising
  • Partnered advertising
  • Targeted headhunting capabilities
  • ‘Onboard’ services

Mentoring for Senior Management

Senior management in multi-national companies are facing increasing pressures, from a number of directions, these include rising energy costs, the need to improve overall environmental performance and the gradual introduction of carbon constraints and carbon pricing mechanisms.

Future Green Solutions in conjunction with one of its strategic partners offers a mentoring service for Senior Management to help them make significant transitions in knowledge, work and thinking.

In a carbon constrained world, historical approaches may not be the optimal choice, however, driving change through an organisation can be difficult in the face of entrenched wisdom/ processes/technical capability. This service will provide mentoring to senior executives to help drive change.

  • Focussed on energy and environmental issues, the service will be an extension of the training academy concept and will;
  • Facilitate the exploration of those needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes required to assist the individual in making real, lasting change.
  • Use questioning techniques to facilitate the manager’s own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions rather than taking a wholly directive approach.
  • Evaluate technical and economic choices.
  • Support the individual in setting appropriate goals and discuss methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.
  • Encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting change.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the process, using objective measures.

Programmes can be individually tailored to focus on industry and job role issues.

Future Green Solutions Training and Development Programmes

As part of our core business offer we provide a range of leading edge training and development programmes aimed at helping organisations meet the sustainability and carbon abatement challenge. Our aim is to increase awareness, develop capability and deliver competitive advantage. Future Green Solutions offers these programmes either as a standard product or as a tailored bespoke product to meet individual organisational needs, senior management commitment to the sustainability and low carbon agenda.

Within the sector we also have the skills and resources to develop additional training and development programmes to meet our customers emerging needs both business and sector specific. Our capability to rapidly establish new programmes is built on a unique network of partnerships, knowledge and learning skills and development capability.

This is underpinned by our technology partnership with one of the UK's leading e-learning software developers with some 100,000 users on its proprietary learning management platform. Our successes have involved translating industry issues into skills solutions based on world class business modelling including development and the use of business simulations as well as the application of interactive games based case studies.

Our ServicesOur ServicesOur Services